CAST NYLON + Oil(녹색, 황색)

I. Physical Properties I. 물리적 특성 Test Method Unit Value
Specific Gravity 비중 ISO 1183 g/㎤ 1.14
Water Absorption 수분 흡수율 DIN 53495 % 0.30
Max. permissible service temperature 사용온도      
Upper temperature limit 최고 - 110
Lower temperature limit 최저 - -40
II. Mechanical Properties II. 기계적 특성 Test Method Unit Value
Tensile Strength at yield 인장강도 ISO 527 MPa 69.7
Elongation at yield 항복점 ISO 527 % -
Tensile strength at break 장력 ISO 527 Mpa -
Elongation at break 파단점 ISO 527 % >25
Impact strength 충격강도 ISO 179 KJ/m2 4.9
Izod Impact Strength Izod 충격강도 ISO 179 KJ/m2 6.3
Rockwell Hardness Rockwell 경도 ISO 2039-1 Mpa 119
Flexural Strength 굴곡강도 DIN 53505 Mpa 96
Modulus of elasticity 탄성율 ISO 178 Mpa 2387
III. Thermal Properties III. 열적특성 Test Method Unit Value
Vicat softening temp. 연화점 ISO 306 -
Heat Deflection Temperature 열변형 온도 ISO 75 172
Cof. Of linear therm. Expansion 선팽창계수 DIN 53752 K-1X10-4 -
Thermal conductivity at 20℃ 열전도도 DIN 52612 W/(m X K) -
IV. Electrical Properties IV. 전기적 특성 Test Method Unit Value
Volume resistivity 체적저항 VDE 0303 Ω*㎝ 7.4 x 1016
Surface resistivity 표면저항 VDE 0303 >1012
Dielectric constant at 1㎒ 유전율 DIN 53483   3.08
Diel. Loss factor at 1㎒ 유전정점 DIN 53483   0.018
Dielectric strength 유전파과전압 VDE 0303 KV/mm 22.4
Tracking resistance 내 트래킹 저항 DIN 53483   KB 600
V. Additional Data V. 기타 Test Method Unit Value
Bond ability 접착성 - - -
Friction coefficient 마찰계수 DIN 53375 - -
Flammability 연소성 UL 94 - HB
UV stabilisation UV 안정성     -
※ The physical data contained in this table are typical values. They are obtained on the test specimens under specific conditions and represent average values of a large number of tests. The results obtained on this test specimens cannot be applied to finished parts without reservations, as behavior is influenced by processing and shaping.
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