I. Physical Properties I. 물리적 특성 Test Method Unit Value
Specific Gravity 비중 ISO 1183 g/㎤ 1.23
Water Absorption 수분 흡수율 DIN 53495 % 2.20
Max. permissible service temperature 사용온도      
Upper temperature limit 최고 - 100
Lower temperature limit 최저 - -40
II. Mechanical Properties II. 기계적 특성 Test Method Unit Value
Tensile Strength at yield 인장강도 ISO 527 MPa 80
Elongation at yield 항복점 ISO 527 % -
Tensile strength at break 장력 ISO 527 Mpa -
Elongation at break 파단점 ISO 527 % -
Impact strength 충격강도 ISO 179 KJ/m2 3.0
Izod Impact Strength Izod 충격강도 D 256 J/m -
Rockwell Hardness Rockwell 경도 ISO 2039-1 Mpa 120
Flexural Strength 굴곡강도 DIN 53505 Mpa 111
Modulus of elasticity 탄성율 ISO 178 Mpa -
III. Thermal Properties III. 열적특성 Test Method Unit Value
Vicat softening temp. 연화점 ISO 306 -
Heat Deflection Temperature 열변형 온도 ISO 75 217
Cof. Of linear therm. Expansion 선팽창계수 DIN 53752 K-1X10-4 -
Thermal conductivity at 20℃ 열전도도 DIN 52612 W/(m X K) -
IV. Electrical Properties IV. 전기적 특성 Test Method Unit Value
Volume resistivity 체적저항 VDE 0303 Ω*㎝ 1.5 x 107
Surface resistivity 표면저항 VDE 0303 -
Dielectric constant at 1㎒ 유전율 DIN 53483   -
Diel. Loss factor at 1㎒ 유전정점 DIN 53483   -
Dielectric strength 유전파과전압 VDE 0303 KV/mm -
Tracking resistance 내 트래킹 저항 DIN 53483   -
V. Additional Data V. 기타 Test Method Unit Value
Bond ability 접착성 - - -
Friction coefficient 마찰계수 DIN 53375 - -
Flammability 연소성 UL 94 - HB
UV stabilisation UV 안정성     -
※ The physical data contained in this table are typical values. They are obtained on the test specimens under specific conditions and represent average values of a large number of tests. The results obtained on this test specimens cannot be applied to finished parts without reservations, as behavior is influenced by processing and shaping.
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